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Dust and fume collection and filtering systems

At TOSCANA IMPIANTI we design and create dust collection and filtering systems (even combustible dusts), for the paper and paper tissue industry machines.


Our systems allow collection and filtering of paper dust produced by paper converting, but also fume collection, thus purifying air of approximately 99%.


At TOSCANA IMPIANTI we also design combustible dust collection and filtering systems, in compliance with the current ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation.


Our systems are planned and customized for every kind of machine, following our customers’ needs and in compliance with the current regulations.

system project

Dust filtering

system project

Trim collection and filtering systems

At TOSCANA IMPIANTI we design, create and install trim (production’s wastes) collection and filtering systems for the paper tissue industry.


Trim filtering systems are applied to slitter rewinders and paper cutters. Trims are extracted and go directly into a pulper or a baler.


The dusty air filled with trims is filtered with a bag filter (in compliance with the ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation) before being released in the atmosphere.


We have created systems for the most important manufacturers.

Accessories, compactors and wood press machines

Our collection systems form a complete product line, which include scrap collection from production to stocking area, where they are put in either a baler, a press container or a pulper.


The extracted scraps and trims are automatically collected in a continuous horizontal press, a stationary press container, or a compacting press.


At Toscana Impianti we design and create continuous process installations that can operate in concert with production lines, the collection system itself becoming part of the whole production chain.