Toscana Impianti




Toscana Impianti Tecnologie Ambientali is a leading company in designing and creating smoke and dust collectors and filters.

Toscana Impianti is in the forefront of safeguarding workers’ health, distributing industrial collectors for smoke, dust, oil mist and other air pollutants that can be found in work environments.

TOSCANA IMPIANTI has been producing dust collection and filtering systems since 1990 but our technicians and engineers have a longer experience in the field, dating back to the early 70s. Relying on its experience of over 50 years, Toscana Impianti has installed a huge number of air pollutant collectors and filters all over the world.

Toscana Impianti works with different types of industries that are distinguished by the presence of dust in the workplace; plus, being close to Lucca’s paper tissue and paper industry –one among the most important worldwide– it has gained a huge experience in the production of industrial collection and filtering systems for these fields. This has given Toscana Impianti the opportunity to also extend its knowledge and experience to the development of collection and filtering systems for trim removal.

During the last 20 years, our company has received an increasing success in the Italian paper tissue market, which allowed us to penetrate the European and, recently, Australian markets as well.