Toscana Impianti


Toscana Impianti works with many industries that are distinguished by the presence of dust in the work environment; plus, being close to Lucca’s paper tissue and paper industry –one among the most important worldwide–, it has gained a huge experience in the production of industrial collection and filtering systems for these fields. This has given Toscana Impianti the opportunity to also extend its knowledge and experience to the development of collectors for trim removal.

We have a wide experience with many types of industries:

paper industry, wood industry, packaging, painting and coating industry, mechanical workshops.

Our technicians can satisfy the needs of each kind of industry, so you can contact us for collection systems whatever your industrial field is.

Paper industry

In the paper and cardboard industry’s productive process, dust and wastes are produce and they must be removed from the work environment.

Toscana Impianti offers many solutions for air pollution control, for every specific need of paper or cardboard dust, scraps, and trim collection.

Through the years we have developed a huge experience in the paper and paper tissue industries.

Wood industry

In a work environment where wood is processed, considerable quantities of dangerous fumes and dusts are emitted and are a threat for the workers, so collection systems are a must.

The latter are often associated with systems for wastes handling and processing, in order to get exploitable biomasses.

Painting and coating industry

In painting and coating industries, workers take several chemical risks that can jeopardize their health: when paint is nebulized, the surplus that is not necessary constitutes a toxic emission, which must be collected with proper collection systems in order to safeguard workers and the work environment.

Packaging industry

It is essential for paper and cardboard industries to avoid dust or ink particle dispersal, which could compromise workers’ health and the quality of products.

Collection systems severely limit the risk of accidents and create a healthy work environment, in compliance with the current security regulations.

Mechanical workshops

It is essential for mechanical workshops to have specific collection systems that can filter fume, dust and oil mist emitted during production, before they are inhaled by workers or dispersed in the work environment.

Not only do our collection and filtering systems ensure a healthy environment, but they are also necessary to prevent possible fires or explosions.